Saturday, October 3, 2009

About Foto Geeks

Welcome! Foto Geeks is a free online community for photographers. Our goal is to promote photography by having an online community to photo enthusiasts, students, amateurs, hobbyists and professionals. By joining our group you could reach wider viewers of your photos worldwide. This is also an opportunity for you to promote yourself or your website via our members links.

The members are the sole owner of their posts or pictures. Any group or individuals who would want to use the pictures must contact the member or owner. It's up to both parties if they would want to share for free or buy and sell the pictures. Foto Geeks' only goal is to promote great photography. Members make sure you keep the original copy (in good quality) just in case you want to sell or a client would want to buy your stuffs.

Ready to Join? Just send us your complete name and email address and we'll add you to our members list Please click here! or scroll down to read more.

What to Post And Not to Post
What to Post:

We suggest to all members to post only photographs with artistic touch to it. Please remember that you're promoting yourself or your website or business to the world. This is a great opportunity for you to show your artistic touch using your cameras.

What Not to Post:
We suggest to all members not to post regular photographs. This means everyday pictures of you or friends and families. Frontal nudity are also not allowed. We would like to preserve the quality and integrity of our site so, Foto Geeks may delete any posts that may not appear to be of our standards.

When posting your pictures make sure to put or write labels or subject. example: Animals, People, Architecture, Plants etc... Your post will automatically go to a specific category which is located at the right side column. If you are not sure of your subject you can put "others" as your label.

How to Join

Just send us your complete name and email address and we will send you an invitation. You must have a Google account to join. But, no worries if you don't have one yet. You will be prompted to create one.
Ready to Join? Please click here!

By being a member, we will put your name in our members list linking your website or blogsite. We do this to help promote our members and to add more traffic to their sites. If you don't have either one we will link your email address to your name in case somebody wanted to contact you. If you don't want any links with your name just email us and we will disable the links. By not having a link your name will not be clickable.

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